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August 09

In this interactive online workshop, participants will dive into the teaching and learning approach of CLIL.

Participants will interact with trainers -  who will guide them through the process of:

  1. Defining and Identifying a standard CLIL lesson

  2. Planning a CLIL lesson for B1-B2-C1 General English class (Outline a course by skills and topics)

  3. Creating the content for a CLIL class with graphic facilitation (What content is important?)

  4. Integrating the methodology of Flipped Learning into CLIL. 

  5. Blending the Online Learning experience with a course book. (What course book? MUST be market oriented and tailored to the Russian or local market needs)

  6. Using Tasks to lead learners to self-directed and interactive learning. (Product Creation) 

  7. Leading and Teaching an online CLIL class using Google

  8. Working with language skills development in a CLIL and Flipped Learning online class.

  9. Assessing the learning using CEFR Rubrics (Formative and Summative)

  10. Learning how to integrate the teaching of the four skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) of English or any foreign language into any school curriculum.  

  11. Engaging in the design of stimulating lesson plans and activities aimed to engage students and achieve learning objectives in both language and content using inspiring and “authentic” materials from the real world.

  12. Creating an interesting Flipped online classroom environment where learning is focused on very specific (relevant and meaningful) content and use the coursebook in the process

Master Class Outcomes:

Participants will be able to:

  • Get beyond the coursebook

  • Lead a CLIL brainstorming session

  • Design an interactive and engaging CLIL learning cycle using TPACK and Backward Design

  • Integrate TBL and PBL into a CLIL learning cycle

  • Implement assessment loops during an online learning cycle using Deliberate Practice Model

  • Assess the final outcome (product) of a CLIL online learning cycle using Performance-based Assessment aka Deliberate Practice Model

Target Group: Who should attend this Master Class?

  • Teachers and trainers interested in improving their teaching practice

  • Teachers working at state schools, universities, technical colleges, and language centers

  • Teachers working in the secondary, tertiary, or corporate learning environment

  • Owners of private language schools

  • Directors of Language Departments

  • Freelance teachers

Participation Prerequisites: 

  • Workshop Language is English - Language Pre-knowledge is a minimum of B2+

  • Attendance of the Tech Check meeting is required

  • Tech requirements are: Good Internet connection, PC or laptop, and smartphone

  • Access to workshop materials will be sent via Email before the workshop takes place

  • Participants are required to look over the materials and work out some of the tasks before the first online meeting in order to optimize the online learning experience 

  • Participants should be ready to hit the ground running and to be ready to share their knowledge and task results.

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