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Focus on Lesson Planning for Online Learning

Course Description:

- Creating a meaningful and safe learning environment

- Identifying the topics to be covered in the learning process

- Integrating Flipped Learning for online learning optimization 

- Blending the Online Learning experience with technology

- Using TBL and PBL to lead learners to interactive learning. (Product Creation)

- Leading, Teaching, Managing using Google

- Integrating the teaching of the four skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening) of English

- Working with language skills development in a Flipped Learning online class

- Using graphic facilitation to drive the learning process

- Assessing the learning using CEFR Rubrics (Diagnostic, Formative and Summative)


Learning Objectives:

- Improving English Language skills for EMI

- Getting beyond the coursebook

- Participating and Leading a Brainstorming Session

- Integrating TBL and PBL into personal learning and teaching practice (Deeper Learning)

- Participating in assessment loops during the online learning cycle

- Using a Deliberate Practice Model for self-improvement

- Assessing personal learning outcomes with Performance-based Assessment


Target Group:

- Teachers and trainers interested in improving their English language skills for EMI

- Teachers at state schools, universities, technical colleges, and language centers

- Teachers working in the secondary, tertiary, or corporate learning environment Course



- Language Pre-knowledge is a minimum of B2+

- Attendance of the Tech Check meeting is required

- Reliable Internet connection, PC or laptop, and smartphone

- Access to Google Account

- Open-mindedness to new ways of adult learning

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