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assessment center

Assessment Center

We can support your HRM and HRD plans by executing a language assessment process tailored to your needs.​ Let us show you how a Language Assessment Center (LAC ©) can enhance and facilitate your strategic HR development processes.

What are some examples of skills which are assessed at a Language Assessment Center?  (LAC ©)

  • Language pre-knowledge (General and Business English - Levels A2 to C2)

  • Initiative, Flexibility, and Teamwork

  • Planning, Problem Solving, and Decision-making skills

  • Performance (Results Oriented) in timed work-related situation (Role Play or Business Simulation)

  • Oral and written communication skills

  • Interpersonal and Intercultural skills

What company processes can be simplified or improved with a Language Assessment Center?  (LAC ©)

  • Employee recruitment process

  • Employee evaluation process

  • Employee promotion process

  • Employee relocation process

  • Education and training processes

Who are the target participants for a Language Assessment Center?  (LAC ©)

  • Future employees as part of your recruitment and hiring process

  • Employees whose language knowledge must be assessed for internal promotion purposes

  • Employees whose language knowledge must be assessed for development or training measures

  • Current or future employees being relocated abroad

How is a Language Assessment Center formatted?  (LAC ©)

  • Groups up to12 participants per event

  • Minimum Booking is 1.5 days

  • Maximum Booking is 5 days

  • Assessment days are from 9:00 to 17:00 CET

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