Business Presentation

Corporate Training

Today, more than ever, companies are searching for training solutions that are meaningful to their employees' self-development, and have a positive ROI. Syntax Solutions offers customized corporate training solutions that are both cost-effective and viable to your organization's strategic management plan. Our experienced Language Trainers support clients to meet their strategic corporate goals by using state-of-the-art training methodologies.

We support organizations to enhance their staff development and leadership programs by developing and creating language training solutions from a broad range of products and services. Companies can gain a competitive edge in today's complicated business environment with our "Better Business Language Workshops."

Our trainers assist you in putting together a workshop to fit your specific corporate training needs. Mix topics from the Communication Workshops (Levels B1-B2-C1-C2) below, or add ideas that better suit your strategic training plans: ​​​

Language Refresher Workshop:

  • Grammar Refresher

  • Vocabulary Warm-up Exercises

  • Active Language Skills Training  (Speaking and Writing)

  • Passive Language Skills Training (Listening and Reading)

Office Correspondence (Writing Workshop):

  • Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Writing

  • “Hands-On” Writing Practice

  • Cover the basic business letter types

Telephoning Workshop:

  • Problem Solving Practice

  • Taking messages over the phone

  • Active Listening skills for telephoning effectiveness

Small Talk in a Business Environment Workshop:

  • Cultural “Do’s + Don’ts” of Small Talk

  • Keeping the conversation moving

  • Moving from Small Talk to Business

Effective Presenting Workshop:

  • Do’s and Don’ts of Presenting

  • Mind-mapping your presentation

  • PowerPoint as Support Tool - not as the focal point

Meetings Workshop:

  • How to prepare for that important meeting

  • Do’s and Don’ts of International Meetings

  • Meeting Tips and Practice

Intercultural Awareness and Diversity Management Workshop:

  • Building competence in intercultural communication

  • Developing skills to bridge cultural differences

  • Dealing with Diversity on the workplace

  • Collaborating successfully with international clients

Interviewing Workshop:

  • Building confidence for your nest interview in English

  • Simulating several interview scenarios

  • Working with the STAR Method

  • Behavioral Interviewing Questioning

Storytelling Workshop: The secret of all good communicators is Storytelling!

  • Expand your influence and build confidence

  • Connect to listeners quickly with stories

  • Build a repertoire of effective stories