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Corporate Training

Today, more than ever, companies are searching for training solutions that are meaningful to their employees' self-development, and have a positive ROI. Syntax Solutions offers customized corporate training solutions that are both cost-effective and viable to your organization's strategic management plan. Our experienced Language Trainers support clients to meet their strategic corporate goals by using state-of-the-art training methodologies.

We support organizations to enhance their staff development and leadership programs by developing and creating language training solutions from a broad range of products and services. Companies can gain a competitive edge in today's complicated business environment with our "Better Business Language Workshops."

Our trainers assist you in putting together a combination of workshop modules to fit your specific corporate training needs. Feel free to mix from the workshop topics offered below to suit your strategic corporate training plans.


All workshops are offered in four levels: 

- Level One: A2-B1

- Level Two: B1-B2

- Level Three: B2-C1

- Level Four: C1-C2

Corporate Training Modules (Online Workshops):


Focus on Business English (Corporate):

  • Business English for adults

  • Tailored to your corporate staff-development needs

Focus on Language Activation (Speaking):

  • Grammar refresher

  • Vocabulary warm-up exercises

  • Active language skills training  (Speaking and Writing)

  • Passive language skills training (Listening and Reading)

Focus on Correspondence (Writing):

  • Do’s and Don’ts of effective writing

  • “Hands-On” writing practice

  • Cover the basic business letter types

Focus on Small Talk:

  • Cultural “Do’s + Don’ts” of Small Talk

  • Keeping the conversation moving

  • Moving to Small Talk in business

Focus on Effective Presenting:

  • Do’s and Don’ts of presenting

  • Storyboarding your presentation

  • PowerPoint as a support tool - not as the focal point

Focus on Virtual Meetings:

  • How to prepare for that important online meeting

  • Do’s and Don’ts of online meetings

  • Online meeting tips, suggestions, and recommendations 

Focus on Intercultural Awareness:

  • Building competence in intercultural communication

  • Developing skills to bridge cultural differences

  • Dealing with diversity on the workplace

  • Collaborating successfully with international clients

Focus on Online Interviewing:

  • Building confidence for your next online interview in English

  • Simulating several interview scenarios

  • Behavioral Interviewing and Questioning

  • Working with the STAR Method

Focus on Storytelling: The secret of all good communicators is Storytelling!

  • Expand your influence and build confidence

  • Connect to listeners quickly with stories

  • Build a repertoire of effective stories

Focus on Task-based Language Assessment:

  • Enhance and facilitate your strategic HR processes

  • Check employees´ pre-knowledge

  • Check oral and written communication skills

  • Check interpersonal and intercultural skills

Focus on Language Coaching

  • One-to-One personalized coaching session(s)

  • Tailored to your professional development needs

  • Deliberate Practice in action